Local Brewery/Winery

A Little Madness Brewing Company
A sustainable, craft oriented microbrewery (in planning) focused on making great beer for all. Know what you are drinking! Drink Fresh! Drink Local! Made fresh on site using sustainable techniques.  Seasonal beers offered in season, not from last years fruits. The brewery is currently going through the local permitting process, but groundbreaking will occur on […]
DeLuna Winery
DeLuna Wines sold at area Walmarts, Walgreens, Fresh Market, Grocery Outlet, Everman’s and Many Independents! America’s Most Delicious, Premium Fruit Wines. In the summer of 1559 Don Tristan De Luna sailed into what is now Pensacola Bay, becoming the first European settlement in the New World. The party of 1,500 soldiers and colonists anchored in the bay and […]
Perfect Plain Brewing Co.
Located in the heart of downtown Pensacola, our facility is the original location of Perfect Plain Brewing Company’s brewery and taproom. Designed to bring people together in a spacious, welcome environment, the taproom is a fully immersive experience with long communal tables and our entire 10-barrel brewhouse exposed within the gathering area. Portions of our […]
Scratch Ankle Distillery
In ones life, travels, experiences and hard work, all make the person, and the thing that person does best. In our case we make some of the finest Hand Crafted Spirits available. Using only locally sourced Florida Cane Sugar, Molassess, #2 Dent Corn, and pure Clover Honey, we have cooked, blended and distilled these wonderful […]