Local Artists/Artisans

Joyful Fine Art
Joyful Enriquez (b.1987) is a fine artist based in northwest Florida. From a young age, her creativity and imagination dominated her world. She spent most of her time drawing animals and daydreaming about exploring the underwater world while swimming with whales and other creatures of the sea. The artist continues to be inspired by marine […]
Klee Angelie Jewelry Designs
Klee Angelie jewelry is precious metal and stone jewelry created with a clean lined and modern style that quietly accentuates your own beauty, style and elegance. The pieces are created with care for preserving the rawness and life of the materials that are being used to give each piece an energy that is tangible. The […]
Little Green Bees
Raw Honey/Bee Keeping
So, you’re wondering what single source honey is? Maybe you’re not wondering after all but since I brought it up, I may as well tell you! The honey business is largely run by supply and demand. For example, if Hot Yellow Bee Company has more customer demand for honey than the Hot Yellow Bee Company […]
Lloyd Anderson Photography
Lloyd is a freelance photographer based in Pensacola who specializes in weddings, live music, and creative shoots. Whether it’s the love and adoration in the eyes of a newlywed couple, the happiness and curiosity of a newborn, or the passion that a musician exudes while on stage, being able to photograph raw emotion has been […]
Loren Miller Art
Fine Art
Loren Miller is an award winning artist living in Pensacola, Florida. His work has been featured in many local and international publications. His work is a mixture of strict classical training and modern ideals and designs. His work strives to not only produce a likeness of the subject, but to capture the character and soul. […]
Man Cave Creations
Driftwood/Mixed Media Art
Unique pieces specializing in the use of bottle caps, cedar and driftwood.
Margaret Biggs Fine Art
Oil Paint/Fine Art
American oil painter Margaret Biggs, OPA pays homage to the beauty found in nature and the spirituality a relationship with it ensures. Her depictions, often bordering between the elements of abstraction and realism, have been described as both modern and surrealistic. Using an elaborate method of layered oil on canvas, Biggs creates landscapes, seascapes, still […]
Mighty Herb Company
We specialize in artisan soap, bath products and candles. Our products are handcrafted using fruit and vegetable oils, herbs, and essential oils to promote the beneficial properties of organic rejuvenation. We are also able to customize any item to fit your personality, example: colors, scents, special occasions, etc. Availability is based upon product and quantity. […]
Nue Blue Hues
Custom Art
Mermaid art and accessories! Keep tabs on what’s available, just as the sea we are constantly changing! PM for custom orders! Whatever you are thinking, I can do it! Artwork for a home/business Logo for your business Face painting for events Costume making Arts and crafts Email me what you are looking for and we’ll […]