Local Artists/Artisans

For the Birds Realty
Bird Houses/Feeders
Custom built birdhouses & feeders for your fine-feathered friends, made from reclaimed materials, and found objects.
Frank Abbott Photography
Frank Abbott, a physician, and self-taught, award-winning photographer, as well as avid sportsman, and naturalist, has spent most of his life, around, or in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is no wonder that the coastal environment and its wildlife have become a pervasive theme in his photography. From his early talents behind […]
Gila Mosaics
Gila Rayberg arrived at the visual arts after a successful career as a freelance musician and educator. Allowing her strong sense of intuition and love of experimentation to guide her, Gila has developed a unique voice in the realm of mosaic portraiture. After earning her masters degree in music from Arizona State University (1989), Gila […]
Gracious Clay
Pottery handcrafted with long hours and lots of love! Most of my pieces are available for sale and special orders are always welcomed.
Hot Sands Glass by Lyn Gentry
Fused Glass Art
Brilliant dichroic glass colors play with the day’s light. Charged by the light, the glass will illuminate producing a phosphorus glow for evening viewing.. The duality of the piece is what continually fascinates the Hot Sands Glass collector. Using multiple glass techniques, artist Lyn Gentry creates custom designs in glass art for individual collectors. She […]
Illuminated Art by Nate
Mixed Media Art
Illuminated Art By Nate is about using reclaimed materials and turning them into any form of art. Making every attempt to be innovative a modern, With an influx of colorful geometric shapes and patterns. Spray paint, mix media, found items, and geometric abstract art by Waco. “Up and Coming” artist for the January 25th issue […]
Ira Verbois Photography
Ira Verbois Photography specializes in all things family, sports, schools, events, non-profits, portraits and beach photography. Adding artistic after-touches is a favorite option.
Joe Hobbs Glass
Glass Art
The work I make is a commentary of human condition in reference to our surroundings. My work is a dialogue with the viewer about experiences and feelings when confronted with the universal concepts of nature and life. More simply put , what it is to be human. My work consists primarily of glass, ceramic, paint, […]
John Ball Fine Art
Fine Art
John Ball is an award winning, full time, professional artist with over twenty years of experience.  He has been active in fine art gallery work, juried art shows, teaching in private and workshop settings and illustration. John Ball’s training began with childhood drawings at the kitchen table for his parents. An early love of drawing […]
Joy Oxley, Designs in Glass
Glass Art
I started my adventure in glass while I was living in the Coastal mountains of Oregon, back in 1989! Rain, being the most salient aspect of Oregon, naturally became the subject of my inspiration, while learning how to lampwork glass. One thing led to to another, and I started fusing glass, then doing lapidary work […]