Gulf Coast Area Bands

Brave New World
Ambient Rock
A weave of disparate threads transformed into one beautiful whole, as Pensacola’s Brave New World have quickly become a staple of the Gulf Coast Music Scene. Born from the ashes of heavier bands, they have since stripped away the aggression, whilst still keeping the passion; both for their craft, and lyrical stylings. Forming in 2014, […]
Bring on the Benjamins
Bring On The Benjamins is a five-piece Rock Band from Pensacola, comprised of experienced musicians playing inspired Rock and Roll from the ‘70’s to today. Leading the band in bringing the party is Paul Glisson on vocals, guitar, keyboards and crowd encouragement. Pairing up with him on the lead vocals is Pearl Ash, whose wide-ranging […]
Brooke Woods
Brooke can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing. From her stage debut at 2 years old to now, she has been more at home on stage than anywhere else! Her country music career began in January of 2005 when she joined the cast of a local dinner theater, “The Farmer’s Opry” in her hometown […]
Bubba n’ Them Bluegrass Band
Band Members: Robin Kingry Ray Smith Teri Glencoe Dave Glencoe
Party Rock/Alternative/80s
Buzzcutt is a four-piece band from Pensacola that “Seville Quarter” and several Pensacola Beach venues have relied upon, and continue to rely upon as their most consistently entertaining band for the last several years. Winner of an award for “Best Cover Band Of Pensacola” in the recent past, the band is formed of dependable, experienced, […]
Cadillac Attack
Rockabilly/Old Country
Cadillac Attack is a Country/Rockabilly band made up of Jimmy Cross, the upright bass player, and Todd McCabe, the guitarist. They are based out of Pensacola Fl. Their music is sure to make your evening one to remember!
Casy Kearney
Casey Kearney is a singer/songwriter born and raised in the Florida panhandle, where she still resides with her husband and 3 children. Casey has a love for all things southern and outdoor mixed with feminine flair. This combination reflects in her writing and music style. Casey had many diverse musical influences growing up, but country […]
Cat Daddy
Drummer Dude and I met in the Spring of 1996, and formed a 3 piece Power Trio with Kris Blom on Bass calling ourselves “Insidious”. In late 1999, Kris moved on to videography, and Big Daddy Don assumed the Bass duties. Shortly thereafter we changed the name of the band to Cat Daddy, and added more […]
Cat Rhodes & The Truth
In 2013 Catherine Rhodes and Grammy nominated drummer Bryan Morris as director formed their band, Cat Rhodes & The Truth. While putting the band together, several musicians played with them to find the other members and they are Jojo Morris on bass  and Bob Erickson Jr., on guitar. The band, now The Truth featuring Cat Rhodes performs covers of Blues, R & B, Jazz, Motown, original […]
Category 4
Classic Rock/Country
Category 4 is a versatile, talented band of seasoned and dedicated musicians who enjoy playing together and entertaining audiences of all ages and music preferences. The band was formed in 2001. Each of the gifted artists brings to the group unique qualities and experience that, when blended together, create a sound guaranteed to please the […]