A Drunker Shade of Green

A Drunker Shade of Green
Celtic/Folk Rock

Pensacola, FL

Drawing inspiration from a host of personal musical experiences, the five members of DSOG bring a renewed energy to the Celtic music that lies at the root of their collective ancestries. For the five members of DSOG returning to their roots also means fusing their love of Celtic music with the styles they grew up listening to, namely rock n’ roll, punk, ska, bluegrass, and others. DSOG plays the music passed down by generations of Celtic immigrants coming to America but on their own terms, blurring the lines between the traditional and the progressive. The end result is a unique blending of styles that promises to excite and engage a large spectrum of audiences.

Band Members:
Leila Hobbs
Tim Roberts
Rob Roberts
Blake Thompson
Dennis Dowd
J.M. Roberts A.K.A Smokehammer